Kisses From Strangers

It has been two days and I am still fuming. I’m seriously upset at both my in-laws and my parents. Here’s what happened:

We were shopping at Target in the check out line with my in-laws in front of the shopping cart, the baby playing around inside the shopping cart, followed by my mom behind the cart and me behind my mom. There was a lady and her friend in front of us checking out, and the lady starts talking to the baby and making motions asking him to go to her. I was on a work call and told my mom not to let her pick him up. This lady keeps talking to him and keeps motioning, asking, “Do you want to come with me?” and then after a little bit, proceeds to pick him up from our shopping cart, hug him close to her and smother him in kisses, and she does this twice. I watch these 3 adults who are supposed to protect their grandchild as they stand their immobilized, with body language admitting they know I don’t like what’s happening, but they are too afraid to take my child back.

This infuriates me. It’s not like it happened out of nowhere and they didn’t see it coming! There were hints–so many hints! And they still allowed it to happen. I expect them to resolve it by taking my child back but they don’t. They pretty much waited until the lady decided to hand him back because she had to go pay. I said to them, “I can’t believe 3 adults can’t even keep the baby from getting taken by a stranger. What if he was kidnapped?” No one cared–well actually, they said, “It’s okay, nothing happened.” Well, what if something did happen? Then what?! Your body language showed you were not ready to block her from running away. In fact, she had a clear path of escape if she wanted to.

I just want acknowledgement! I want them to acknowledge that they will not allow something like this to happen again, but they will not. They just keep saying it’s okay and no big deal. My FIL even said something to the effect of, “Babies no one wants to kiss are babies not worth having.” To which I really want to say, “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!” but I held my tongue out of respect and not creating more drama.

Why was there more drama? Because my dad was probably updated on what happened by the three of them and he came to yell at me and ask me why I didn’t stop it if I didn’t like it. Well, because, they let it transpire, they need to know how to resolve it! And the answer is, they don’t. Which leads me to decide that they will never take my child out without my supervision. Sure, I’ll re-evaluate once he can talk in fully formed sentences but that won’t be for a while.

I even asked my MIL if she would allow a stranger in the street to come up to her, hug her and kiss her all over. She said she wouldn’t. So I asked her why is it okay for her to allow that to happen to my child? And what does she say? Well, I wanted her to say, okay, I understand now. But no. What she said was, “Well…she probably thought he was so cute so she wanted to hug and kiss him.” I said, “Well, what if someone thought you were so pretty and wanted to hug and kiss you?” She still admitted she wouldn’t allow it.


My husband wasn’t there, I told him what happened, his parents told him it wasn’t a big deal, he can’t side with either of us because he didn’t see what happened. Of course his parents would say it was nothing, because to say otherwise is to admit they were wrong, and apparently they refuse to do that.


I will probably still be pissed until the four of them acknowledge why I am upset. Acknowledgement goes a long way…and right now, I don’t want any of them near my child.

It’s so upsetting that I need to go back to work in a few days and I am supposed to trust my child why lying grandparents–yes, the same ones who will touch garbage and then try and touch the baby and tell me their hands are clean–the same ones who will lie about food not having any salt when in fact it does, and still try to feed it to him. And these same people ignored me today when I tried to discuss how to care for him while I am gone.

I really wish I could say to them: I hate you so much right now. I honestly don’t trust any of you with my child at all. You ignore things that are important to me, you lie to my face about things that are important to me–if I didn’t live with you, I probably wouldn’t want to see you that often, hence my desperation to find a new home.

Last day for 50% off Whole Foods 365 value diapers

if you like seventh generation diapers, you’ll like the whole foods diapers. I find them to be practically identical. The 365 diaper has the same accordion tabs for a snug fit, but the diaper is no longer entirely white. There is a colorful diamond pattern that reminds me of argyle and instead of the number, the size is spelled out. I found that quite classy 😉

9/15/15 is the last day. Do they have these sales often? I’ve never paid attention to diapers before this year and happened upon it on the radio.

Wholefoods does not do rainchecks so best to get there or call before heading over.

How to Save 40% to 50% off at

I wish someone had told me about this before I became their customer. Reason being that this offer is only available once per customer and only for first time orders 😦

I like to save money, after all, who doesn’t? Well, the mom and daughter in that hilarious “stupid rich” sprint commercial where they enter a bidding war comes to mind 😀 I greatly enjoy that commercial!

Anyway, before my first purchase, I googled for honest coupons and the best I could find was $10 off. And now I have confirmed this with some friends.

So, if you’ve always wanted to try Honest but still wanted a deal, you can try this to save some extra money. Go to honest and create an account–by the way, if you found my information helpful, I would love it and appreciate it if you would use my link ( so I can get a discount off my next purchase 🙂 every bit helps!

So create an account, add something to cart without checking out and in a few days you’ll receive emails from honest reminding you you forgot down thing along with a one time use unique coupon code for you!! Offers vary from 15% off your purchase to 40% off to 50% off or a free item. Just wait until you get the one you want!

What’s great is the coupons even work on the bundles!! So remember it’s only for new customers. But! Existing customers can get $20 credit for each new customer they refer.

Hope that helps! Enjoy! And don’t forget to use my link 😉 Bobamom needs a discount on those cute diapers!


Amazing Free Kiinde Sample Kit!!

This is an amazing offer on a very versatile feeding kit. It’s an all in one and something I recently came across but was reluctant to try as baby wouldn’t take to the bottle much. The full kit is $99 but this sample also comes with a coupon for $50 off.


Sharing from Kiinde:

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Because Crispy is Always Yummy

Sometimes you just want to jazz up your ravioli! At least I do, so when regular ravioli just doesn’t cut it, I take out a nonstick and cook it pot sticker style! Serve with your favorite sauce.

Simple. And delicious.

1. Oil the non stick
2. Place ravioli in and cover (I use a glass top so I can see)
3. Lift cover a little bit and squirt water underneath to steam the ravioli and help it cool. Replace cover
4. Flip and repeat
5. Enjoy

My First Tears After Baby

We all experience postpartum differently; some of us feel happy, some of us feel sad, all of us probably feel tired, and I felt a little of both.

The little BobaBaby just turned 4 months old and it seems like so long ago that I held him for the first time. I miss his newborn size, how small and light he was, how comical it looked to have such a cute little leach attached to my breast, and I miss the milia that speckled his nose like a constellation.

If I had the chance to do it all over, there are a few things that I would do differently, a few pieces of advice I wish I would have been given.

Life after baby consisted of me hardly ever leaving my room. BobaDad did all the laundry, walked and bathed the dog, made dinner, spoon fed me, etc etc.

My first bout of tears came as I sat there, breastfeeding BobaBaby, admiring how beautiful and precious he was. As I stared at him, all exhausted and drained, I started thinking about single moms and dads and how overwhelmed they must be doing this all on their own. I tried to imagine myself doing it all on my own, without my husband, and I couldn’t even picture it. It would have been impossible, I would have felt so alone. And I cried, uncontrollably.

Despite my best efforts to hold it in, I still whimpered, and the tears still fell, and my husband still noticed and asked me what was wrong. It wasn’t that I was sad. I was actually very happy. I had a healthy baby in my arms, a baby that up until delivery I dared not be too excited about due to fear that he may be taken from me like the first one I lost. I shared my feelings with my husband, and he too got misty eyed and agreed. Parenthood is hard. It’s draining, especially in the first few days or even weeks as you try to figure everything out or find a pattern. Combine that with inexperience, uncertainty, hunger, sleep deprivation, fear of SIDS, the desire to do everything right, the weight of responsibility for another human life, and you’ve got the most demanding job in the world in which failure is not an option. It’s really sink or swim, but even if you feel like you’re sinking, I want to remind you that you are not. You are swimming, and you are swimming just fine!

It’s really moments like these that everyone discovers there’s no limit to their potential.

I also thought about the new parents who could not take it easy and had to go back to work right away in order to pay the bills. Usually they have help, someone to watch baby as they worked. But what if they didn’t I thought, then how would that even work?! I imagined myself in these difficult situations and it just made me cry more, I felt grateful for what I had, and I felt sad for anyone who wanted to but wouldn’t have the choice to spend these beginnings with their new babies. Imagining myself in these positions, I don’t think I’d make it, and that’s the moment I started to realize just how much my parents did for me and my sisters. They had no one, and they didn’t even speak the language when we came here as kids.

In those moments I also developed a brand new respect for all parents I knew. I’ve always known they had a lot on their plate, but until I experienced it first hand, I really had no idea.

To all the parents out there, I salute you! You are amazing and you should know it!

Mac and Cheese Stuffed Portabello

Who doesn't love Mac & cheese?

Who doesn’t love Mac & cheese?

Costco currently has a sale on the Annie’s Mac and Cheese. I only started eating this on occasion within the last 3 years or so. Having 10+ hour work days didn’t leave me with much time to make food, so quick and easy it was. And when I first saw these for only $1 a box and it was organic, I just had to try! I’m not really a huge fan of cheese, but melted cheese is okay with me–although I wouldn’t get a double double at In N Out burger, because that’s just too much cheese. (My usual order at In N Out is a double single, animal style, no lettuce, tomatoes, or pickles, French fries, and a water. I like to grab some lemon slices from the counter and squeeze that onto my burger as well…mmm, delicious!)

So, back to the Annie’s, BobaDad loves all things cheese, and Mac & Cheese is one of his top ranked–he even jokes that as long as I can make this, he won’t be too concerned about my lack of cooking skills and dinner.

But plain Mac and Cheese can only be enjoyed so much before you need to spice it up, so here’s a variation I like to make that doesn’t add too much time to preparation and can still be done while the baby naps.

Serves 4

Worcester Sauce
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive oil
Garlic Powder
*truffle oil if you really want a mushroom overload
1 box Annie’s Mac and Cheese
4 large Portabello mushrooms
1 chinese sausage (I like the pork and chicken variety as they taste sweeter) *before baby, I used bacon, but bacon just takes too long if you want it perfect and makes too much of a mess–definitely not something you want to deal with having a newborn in the house!

1. Salt and boil water for the pasta
2. Take all the sauces and combine in a bowl or marinating container. I do it to taste, I don’t normally measure it but I would start equal parts olive oil, Worchester, and Balsamic, then add some dashes of paprika and garlic, or you can try cayenne to boost it up.
3. They say just wiping mushrooms are fine, but I like to rinse them anyway, the choice is yours. Clean your mushrooms and take out the center. Then coat in the marinade and set aside
4. Dice up the chinese sausage and the mushroom stems (or you can opt out of the stems) and wok/fry those up until crispy and put aside
5. If you haven’t already, add the pasta into the water and drain when done
6. Prepare the cheese mixture, although I like to add extra milk and let it reduce. Add pasta and sausage mix
7. Take the mushrooms and place on cookie sheet
8. Stuff mushrooms and place in oven at 350 degrees for 20ish minutes. (I bet you can already tell what a consistent cook I am lol)
9. Garnish with whatever you like: I like breadcrumbs before baking, but here I just have Sundried tomatoes
10. Eat and enjoy!

Huggies Wipes Have “Glass?”

Huggies Investigating Claims of Glass Found in Baby Wipes

*Update: Huggies does not use glass in their manufacturing process and these shiny specks are fibers

Oh my! If this is true, that’s a major concern! I normally use dry wipes from Medline and soak in water because it’s soft and pure and natural, and what else could be better for baby?

But when I go out and need a quick wipe because I can’t afford to take my time spraying the wipe with a peri bottle I keep in the diaper bag, I use Huggies wipes.

Tried Pampers once and found it slimy whereas Huggies felt clean.

I love and used to use Honest wipes but they are currently over budget. 😦

I have no clue how many wipes may be affected but it appears more and more reports are coming in. Please check your wipes and post to Huggies as well as here so others may know. What line of wipe? What batch? What expiration?

I was able to check my new case before BobaBaby started crying, and although I see that “shimmer,” it doesn’t feel like glass. I’ve also rubbed it over my hands, no itch.

I have the natural care plus wipes with the circle pattern instead of the super cute duckies on clouds <–that was 90% why I chose to buy it so you can imagine how disappointed I am!! 1160 wipes and I can’t return it because it’s opened. But there would have been no way to know if I hadn’t opened it. Who knows how long before I can use it up too?

Wintermelon Crema 30% Sweet, No Ice, With Boba

Nothing like the joy of walking with a boba in hand

Nothing like the joy of walking with a boba in hand

I’m a boba drink addict. I love food, but there’s just something about that perfect cup of boba that stays with you and keeps you happy until the next one.

Maybe boba is my coffee.

I remember the days when I was pregnant, and luckily for me, it was a fairly easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, nada, none, zilch! Cramps? What the heck are those? Although I should say I must be one of the fortunate ones to rarely have cramps, if ever. I remember a friend whose cramps were so bad she wouldn’t be able to move and would be in tears from the pain and the migraines that came along with her period. And I would think to myself, “Really? Can’t be that bad….” But as I’ve grown up to realize, yes, for some people it is that bad.

Anyway, aside from sciatic pain that would shoot down the legs and bring this pregnant woman to her knees, pregnancy was pretty uneventful for me–except this one time when I was thought I was going into labor but it was just gas. What a story that was!

So, ladies, I know pregnancy is tough as we are going through it, but I can assure you that when it comes to food cravings, or boba cravings as in my case, those cravings are so much easier to satisfy when the little one is inside versus when he or she is out here.

I used to be able to just get up and go–although as I hit my 9th month I usually had a friend come with, but I was able to go pretty much whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted. Now? Nope, not gonna happen. A crying baby in the car with no one else except me and I’m the one driving just isn’t going to work.

So, boba drinks which used to be an every other day thing, became a once a week thing and then became an once every two week thing during pregnancy (no milk, 30% sweetness), is now a “who knows when” kind of indulgence.

But today, TODAY I got my first drink! Baby and all! And the parking angels gave me a spot at the end of the block and even though it’s a Friday night at 6p, my boba fairy cleared the line for my arrival only for me to see 20 people go into after me! *phew*

And you guessed it, it was a wintermelon crema, 30% sweet, no ice from I-Tea. I was really wanting to try something new, something different–but what if I didn’t like it? And there were so many things I wanted to try, like the hot ginger milk, or matcha smoothie with red bean, but I stuck with the wintermelon, simply because I had it before From I-Tea and it didn’t disappoint.

I couldn’t very well risk my first trip in ages to get something I may not like! My favorite is actually Jasmine, but theirs isn’t good.

We shall see what drink lies in store next time.

Which To Sacrifice? Stay At Home or Go Back To Work?

I’m faced with such a dilemma, and it’s been looming over me. Any advice and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I currently live with my in laws, and they are wonderful people, however, when it comes to my baby, they are too much and I don’t know how long I can tolerate being around them on a daily basis with them having near free reign to my child. The issue is that despite their good intentions (I’m assuming), we do not have the same parenting styles and I find them too possessive and overbearing of my child, which at many times, they seem to act like is theirs. Or maybe it’s just a clash of personalities. Oil and water are fine on their own, but now with baby here, oil and water just can’t mix.

So I am faced with a dilemma: stay at home and raise BobaBaby with all the ups and downs of a new baby and lose my financial independence, or go back to work so BobaDad and I can afford to get our own home and move out faster? But that means leaving the precious baby in the crutches of the in laws during his most vulnerable and fundamental times of development. Which not to say is detrimental, but “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” mentality, and  I really feel the first years are most crucial!

And there is nothing wrong with having sitters, however, it is difficult being the control freak that I am to find someone who is a stranger that I’m supposed to trust with the baby. And say I do find this special someone, it will not be without cost. So then, is it better to spend the cost on a sitter while I go to work, or just do it myself? I’ve always been a do it yourselfer, and I don’t know if I would want to give up baby and me time to someone else. But it is probably more that I can’t and won’t be able to bring myself to hand over baby.

And with getting a sitter will also be complicated in that it will be seen as a great insult to the in laws that we’d rather entrust our child–who in their minds is probably more accurately referred to as “their grandchild,” (because at times BobaBaby seems like he belongs to them more than he belongs to his actual parents)–than to family.

Which then reminds me of a saying I’ve always found to be of wisdom: never do business with family. You really can’t make the same demands or “fire” them once they’re hired.

What have those of you faced with a similar decision decided to go with? Give up career or place on hold to raise baby? Or continue career and have baby looked after by a sitter or family? Any advice? How did it go, would you do anything differently? And if faced with my situation, what would you choose?