My Boba Drink Today

A journal of my drinks from most recent

08/23/2015: Brother in Law surprised us with Sharetea

  • Jasmine milk tea with boba <–forgettable, I’m not a fan of Sharetea

08/23/2015: I-tea

  • Me: iced milk with boba, grass jelly and panna cotta 80% sweet <–forgettable. I told myself I would try something new and I did
  • BobaDad: mango sago <–probably their most popular drink. It was very refreshing for a hot day, but will definitely add boba next time

08/22/2015: I-tea

  • Me: wintermelon crema, 30% sweet, no ice with boba since they ran out of agar boba
  • BobaDad: mango crystal with boba <–no one was ever really able to tell me what the crystal was except that it is jelly. Well, I can now tell you it tastes like lychee jelly
  • Bobababy: nothing =)