Wintermelon Crema 30% Sweet, No Ice, With Boba

Nothing like the joy of walking with a boba in hand

Nothing like the joy of walking with a boba in hand

I’m a boba drink addict. I love food, but there’s just something about that perfect cup of boba that stays with you and keeps you happy until the next one.

Maybe boba is my coffee.

I remember the days when I was pregnant, and luckily for me, it was a fairly easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, nada, none, zilch! Cramps? What the heck are those? Although I should say I must be one of the fortunate ones to rarely have cramps, if ever. I remember a friend whose cramps were so bad she wouldn’t be able to move and would be in tears from the pain and the migraines that came along with her period. And I would think to myself, “Really? Can’t be that bad….” But as I’ve grown up to realize, yes, for some people it is that bad.

Anyway, aside from sciatic pain that would shoot down the legs and bring this pregnant woman to her knees, pregnancy was pretty uneventful for me–except this one time when I was thought I was going into labor but it was just gas. What a story that was!

So, ladies, I know pregnancy is tough as we are going through it, but I can assure you that when it comes to food cravings, or boba cravings as in my case, those cravings are so much easier to satisfy when the little one is inside versus when he or she is out here.

I used to be able to just get up and go–although as I hit my 9th month I usually had a friend come with, but I was able to go pretty much whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted. Now? Nope, not gonna happen. A crying baby in the car with no one else except me and I’m the one driving just isn’t going to work.

So, boba drinks which used to be an every other day thing, became a once a week thing and then became an once every two week thing during pregnancy (no milk, 30% sweetness), is now a “who knows when” kind of indulgence.

But today, TODAY I got my first drink! Baby and all! And the parking angels gave me a spot at the end of the block and even though it’s a Friday night at 6p, my boba fairy cleared the line for my arrival only for me to see 20 people go into after me! *phew*

And you guessed it, it was a wintermelon crema, 30% sweet, no ice from I-Tea. I was really wanting to try something new, something different–but what if I didn’t like it? And there were so many things I wanted to try, like the hot ginger milk, or matcha smoothie with red bean, but I stuck with the wintermelon, simply because I had it before From I-Tea and it didn’t disappoint.

I couldn’t very well risk my first trip in ages to get something I may not like! My favorite is actually Jasmine, but theirs isn’t good.

We shall see what drink lies in store next time.

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